Witches Brew Fragrance Oil

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  • Witches Brew Fragrance Oil
  • Witches Brew Fragrance Oil
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The cauldron bubbles, the magic begins, as the hair on your neck rises like needles and pins. A tincture of love or a mysterious curse? You're compelled to find out, for better or worse. Expecting a potion so foul and unruly, you're pleased to find auras of berry, woods and patchouli! Boiling and churning, the tonic froths and quarrels; enchantment fills the air with the essence of florals. A dash of vanilla forms a bewitching mixture, so sweetly seductive for an alluring elixir! Double double toil and trouble, the spell is complete as it ceases to bubble. A scent of pure bliss, charm and radiance, and you'll find it right here at Nature's Fragrance!

Witches Brew


  • Top – Berry
  • Middle – Floral
  • Bottom – Patchouli, Woody, Vanilla

Phthalate Free: No

Flashpoint: >200° F

Vanillin: <5.00%

Maximum Usage Rates

Max use in soap: 14.50%

Max use in lotion: Please view IFRA

Recommended Usage in Wax: 1-2.0oz/lb 

Our fragrances are concentrated and are specially formulated to work with both paraffin and soy waxes. Please follow the manufacturer recommended usage for your wax.

IFRA Maximum Skin Exposure Levels:
Category Max Usage
Category 1: Products applied to the lips 0.00%
Category 2: Products applied to the axillae (armpit) 10.68%
Category 3: Products applied to the face/body using fingertips 3.12%
Category 4: Products related to fine fragrance 36.64%
Category 5A: Body lotion products applied to the body using the hands (palms), primarily leave-on 32.82%
Category 5B: Face moisturizer products applied to the face using the hands (palms), primarily leave-on 160%
Category 5C: Hand cream products applied to the hands using the hands (palms), primarily leave-on 6.33%
Category 5D: Baby Creams, baby Oils and baby talc 0.53%
Category 6: Products with oral and lip exposure 0.00%
Category 7A: Rinse-off products applied to the hair with some hand contact 3.12%
Category 7B: Leave-on products applied to the hair with some hand contact 3.12%
Category 8: Products with significant anogenital exposure 0.53%
Category 9: Products with body and hand exposure, primarily rinse off 14.50%
Category 10A: Household care excluding aerosol products (excluding aerosol/spray products) 14.50%
Category 10B: Household aerosol/spray products 91.60%
Category 11A: Products with intended skin contact but minimal transfer of fragrance to skin from inert substrate without UV exposure 0.53%
Category 11B: Products with intended skin contact but minimal transfer of fragrance to skin from inert substrate with potential UV


Category 12: Products not intended for direct skin contact, minimal or insignificant transfer to skin 100.00%



All Nature's Items fragrance oils were tested in a recipe consisting of a 33% lye solution, 5% superfat and temperatures between 75°-85°F. Recipe used: 35% olive oil, 30% sustainably sourced palm oil, 30% coconut oil and 5% castor oil. PLEASE NOTE: Our results should not replace your own testing, as there are many variables which can and do affect final outcomes in cold process soapmaking.

No acceleration, ricing or separation.

Discolors to medium golden brown.

Excellent scent retention at 4 weeks. 





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