Love Love Love - Type* Fragrance Oil - Bulk

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  • Love Love Love - Type* Fragrance Oil - Bulk
  • Love Love Love - Type* Fragrance Oil - Bulk
  • Love Love Love - Type* Fragrance Oil - Bulk
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What could possibly be better than love? Three times more of it, of course! Just one sniff of this incredibly beautiful fruity-floral blend and you'll be feeling the love too! Elevating and elating top notes of juicy berries are brightened and enhanced by uplifting tonalities of succulent plum and refreshing, crisp pear. An engaging heart of delicate peony blossoms, stunning lily of the valley and peppery nuances of fragrant freesia intertwine to create an essence of pure delight and romantic bliss. This affectionate aroma expertly dries down to opulent auras of whispering blonde woods, creamy vanilla kisses and gentle embraces of warm, soothing musk, for an aromatic experience of love's sweet surrender! 

Love Love Love - Type


  • Top – Berries, plum, pear
  • Middle – Peony, lily of the valley, freesia
  • Bottom – Blond woods, vanilla, musk

Flashpoint: >200°F

Vanilla Content: 1.70%

Phthalates: Product is Phthalate Free

Our candle fragrances are concentrated and are specially formulated to work with both paraffin and soy waxes. Please follow the manufacturer recommended usage for your wax.

IFRA Maximum Skin Exposure Levels:

Category 1

Lip Products


Category 2



Category 3

eye cream, men's facial creams 


Category 4

Perfume & Lotions


Category 5

Women's facial creams


Category 6

Mouthwash and toothpaste


Category 7



Category 8

Baby Powders


Category 9

Soaps, Washes, Bath Bombs


Category 10

Laundry Detergents


Category 11

Non-Skin Contact




All Nature's Items fragrance oils were tested in a recipe consisting of a 33% lye solution, 5% superfat and temperatures between 75°-85°F. Recipe used: 35% olive oil, 30% sustainably sourced palm oil, 30% coconut oil and 5% castor oil. PLEASE NOTE: Our results should not replace your own testing, as there are many variables which can and do affect final outcomes in cold process soapmaking.

Heavy acceleration.  No ricing, some separation/oil seepage noted after pour, which reabsorbed.

Discolors to brown.

Very good scent retention at 4 weeks.

Soap got hot during saponification and went though full gel. This fragrance may be better suited for hot process soapmaking and other applications. Use of full liquid and low temps are recommended for cold process soapmaking.


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