Fraud Prevention Policy

Fraud Prevention Policy: Updated 11/06/2019

To help protect everyone from fraud, all purchases must be completed on our secure website. If you have issues creating an order we can help create an order for you and send you a link that will put all the items in your cart.

We may call at our discretion to verify that you placed an order(s), before we ship. For example we have had customers make 3-4 purchases in a row. To make sure these purchases were not created by mistake or fraudulently we will call verify that the customer actually placed the orders. If all attempts to verify the order purchases fail then we will cancel the order(s) and issue refunds.

Shipping Address and 10 Digit Phone Number:
Correct Shipping Address and 10 digit phone number "MUST" listed on your order. Double check and make sure these are listed and correct. If the address comes up invalid in our shipping software we will call and email to verify the address with you. If we do not receive a response by phone or email within 24 hours of our message we will cancel and refund the order.

Charge-backs & Stolen Credit Cards:
We reserve the right to regain funds through legal means and/or refuse future purchasing if you initiate charge backs for items received and/or using a stolen credit card as payment of an order.