Working with Soy Wax

Alex Method 

I will explain what I do with 464 wax to get my candles to come out perfect.

1. Only heat wax until melted. If being done on a stove with a double boiler heat the water on medium low heat. Water should be just a light simmer.

2. As soon as the wax is a liquid the temp should be under 150F, take it off the heat add fo and dye. Stir with spatula until mixed.

3. If pouring wax melts, pour them right away.

4. Then take the rest and let it sit until it turns cloudy. Temp will be around 100f. I don't actually temp anything anymore so your temp may vary. The most important part is to just watch for it to turn cloudy.

5. After it turns cloudy give it a good stir and then pour into your jars.

I have not noticed any different with hot or cold throw by doing it this way. I had tons of problems when I first started and I tried just about every temp and every way. I finally read a post on a website that said soy wax breaks down after 150 degrees so I adjusted my way through lots of trial and error, and have been having great results ever since. If you're using 464 and need some help, then give this a try and please post your results.

I know this also works for 444 and should also work with most low melt point soy waxes. One other trick if you are getting sink holes is to leave the wick loose on the wick bar, I actually don't clip mine in. This way the wick is able to move freely while the wax cools.

I use 2oz of fragrance oil to 16oz of wax. Do not use a metal whisk to stir your wax, doing so will induce air into the wax.

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Below are a couple links to items that I recommend from Amazon. Good luck on your candle making adventures and if you need any help or advice feel free to contact us at  [email protected]

Aug 28th 2020 Alex

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