Hot Throw

Lets talk about hot throw a little bit. Hot throw can be affected by many things.

Fragrance quality - Not all oils are created the same. This goes for different fragrance scents also, some have lighter notes than others.

Fragrance quantity in the oil - Usually the more oil you add the stronger it will be. Now too much can clog the wick and damper down the burn creating a smaller melt pool.

Too small of wick - Having too small of wick won't let the melt pool get to optimum size thus not letting enough scent into the air.

Too big of wick - Having too big of wick can cause the fragrance to be burnt up before ever getting a chance to spread into the air.

Container size - Having a small container or small opening size on a container will result in less surface area which doesn't give the oils enough room to escape into the air. A larger container that is properly wicked will always have a better hot throw than a small container candle because of the larger surface area of the melt pool. Same goes for melt warmers. Warmers have a large surface are so they are able to release a lot of fragrance at once.

Your nose - Just because you don't think it is strong doesn't mean that is isn't. When working with oils all day long it messes with our sense of smell. I have had melts going that I personally could not smell even when I was right next to them, yet my wife said it was so strong it was burning her eyes. My kids in the other room even said it was strong. So really don't put it off as being weak until someone else gets a chance to smell it.

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Aug 28th 2020

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